16 de abril de 2013

Clash between doctors

The thing about Gregory House is that he works alone. I mean, apart from his team, he doesn't trust anybody else. Of course, he second guesses his team all the time. It's part of his process!

As his boss, Lisa Cuddy has the most grueling job of overseeing House to make sure he doesn't break  the law, because the truth is she trust his medical instincts. She respects him, more than she leads on.

Throughout the show, there was an interesting balance between House (the mad scientist) and Cuddy (the mommy who wouldn't let him play). The clash between them was fascinating to watch.

House won, most of the times. As he would say, in the end, "he was almost always eventually right" about this theories and about the treatments. Lots of patients lived because of his crazed method!

Disclaimer: Written for love, not for profit. "House M.D." does not legally belong to me. It belongs to: David Shore who created it, Heel & Toe Films, Shore Z Productions, Bad Hat Harry Productions, Moratim Produktions, NBC Universal Television, Universal Media Studios who produced it and to Fox Network, who aired it. 

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House looking at Cuddy with his trademark "I'm right" smirk
     Later that day, Dr. Cuddy found House in an empty exam room in the Clinic. Reading “Spring's hottest people” Magazine. “I'm doing research. People are fascinating aren't they,” he asked, anticipating her soon to be unleashed fury. “Why are you giving Adler steroids?” “Because she's my patient. That's what you do with patients – you give them medicine.” “You don't prescribe medicine based on guesses. At least we don't since Tuskeegee and Mengele.” “You're comparing me to a Nazi? Nice!” “I'm stopping the treatment,” she said, turning away fro him. House couldn’t understand her fascination with his patient, but he couldn’t let her overrule him again. He bolted after her, trying to make his case. “She's my patient!” “It's my hospital!” She replied, not slowing her pace down. House tried harder. “I did not get her sick. She is not an experiment, I have a legitimate theory about what's wrong with her.” “With no proof.” “There's never any proof. Five different doctors come up with five different diagnoses based on the same evidence.” “You don't have any evidence.” Cuddy replied, pressing the elevator button. While she waited for the door to open, she continued her rant. “And nobody knows anything, huh? Then how is it that you always think you're right?” “I don't, I... just find it hard to operate on the opposite assumption. And why are you so afraid of making a mistake?” “Because I'm a doctor.” She said, turning to the stairs. If House wouldn’t stop the treatment, she would do it herself “Because when we make mistakes people die,” she said, flying up the stairs. House tried to follow her, but his leg would have none of it. He decided to wait for the elevator, hoping that Cuddy wasn’t serious about discontinuing the treatment.
     Dr. Lisa Cuddy entered Rebecca's room. The patient was smiling, her appetite was back. She seemed truly happy, asking her to thank Dr. House for everything. Cuddy read her chart and left her room, almost bumping into House, who was taking guard to his patient. “Should I discontinue the treatment, boss?” He teased. “You got lucky,” she said, leaving him to care for his patient. “Cool, huh?” House murmured, not surprised by her reaction.

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