5 de junho de 2013

"We're just... different..."

The funny thing is... they're really not that different from each other, are they?!

Two young kids that Fate brought together through the tragedy of a stray bullet. It could've been a tragedy, had it not open their lives to a formidable journey fraught with dangers, filled with joys – and sorrows too. 

One of the most impressive images of the Pilot were the teens' expressions when the little alien dummies are burning – how terrifying it must've been for them to see that representation of the crash, wondering if their parents had died like that...

But the big moment was the final scene between Max and Liz. All the cards were on the table by that moment: Liz knew that Max was in love with her and there was no mistaking the look on Liz's eyes that she had inevitably fallen in love with him too.

Despite the love one can feel from that scene, the fear of an uncertain and dangerous future stops Max from even considering a serious relationship with Liz.

Liz didn't care about the dangers that loomed ahead... and the audience didn't either. At the end, we just had to take a deep breath to shake the longing and tell ourselves 'all of this in just the Pilot episode'.

What a great ride!...

Disclaimer: Written for love, not for profit. The characters do not legally belong to me. They belong to: Melinda Metz and Laura Burns who created them, Jason Katims who developed them, 20th Century Fox Television and Regency Television who produced them and the WB and UPN who broadcasted them.
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     All the spectators applauded as the little rubber alien dummies were ejected out of the UFO in flames. Max, Michael and Isabel were in the front row, sick to their stomachs, wondering about their past – now that their present was taken care of. Away from the sad spectacle, Liz was watching from the top of a hill. Max spotted her immediately and ran up to her.  


“Hey,” she echoed with a smile, delighted to see him free from Valenti’s clutches. 

Max came up to her: he just wanted to thank her, to hug her, to kiss her and never let her go. After a brief period of struggling with himself, he settled for tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear, his fingers lingering on her hair. 

“You had a, uh....” 

“Hair thing, right.” She smiled. “Thanks.” 


He had come up to her so many times before over the years, they were lab partners in school, but somehow, it seemed like she had never seen him before. It somehow seemed that she had just met him. But she knew Max. Se knew a lot about him, and she smiled as she realized that she loved everything about him. 

“Liz, it's not safe. I mean, for you and... and me to... it's not safe.” He said, softly, even though his words hurt like bricks. 

“I don't care.” Liz said. 

I don’t care either, Max wanted to scream at the top of his lungs. But he did care. Valenti could target Liz next and Max would never let any harm come to her.  

“Liz I really, really wish that this could be something, you know, more. But it can't. We're just...” 


She finished, knowing his mind was set on it. 

“Yea,” he said, with a meek smile before he started moving away, slowly. “I'll see ya at school.”  

Liz couldn’t let him go before- “Max??”He turned around as she called him, with no delay. “I never got to thank you, for saving my life.” 

Max smiled: if only she knew how she had saved his life... “Thank you!” He said in a warm tone.

     While Liz was reminiscing about the past couple of days, she glanced at the clock. It was past midnight. She wrote in her journal: “It's September 24th, I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I died. But then the really amazing thing happened. I came to life.”


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