9 de janeiro de 2014

Brain Freeze

It is not an instinct. 

Complex language patterns differentiate us from all the other animals, so it would be easy to think that it is instinctive to put pen to paper... but this world is full of people who never write for any reason other than necessity. 

It is the strangest thing for me to think that only a small percentage of souls feel the need to use the written word as company and spiritual guide... 

Without words to guide me, I would surely get lost in this maddening maze of a world... 

It's all I can do... even when no word comes out of me... Oh, those are days of infernal anguish... I imagine it is as bad for me as for the driver whose car breaks down in the middle of an important competition... 

Yet, I (as well as the driver) cannot finish the competition on foot!

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