3 de dezembro de 2014

How does one find true happiness?

"Spinozistic philosophy maintains that while there is nothing wrong with human emotions as such, they can interfere with higher forms of cognitive processes. When an emotion is provoked by an external cause and is not properly reasoned through it can distract us from understanding the truth about said external cause by adding a personal element to an objective occurrence. One of the ultimate goals of Spinozistic philosophy is to achieve true happiness, happiness that is found through an intellectual pursuit of the mind instead of any fictional happiness that can temporarily arise from materialistic gains. For Spinoza happiness can be found only through freedom, the freedom that we can experience when we’re no longer controlled by our emotions and by our human ignorance. If we allow ourselves to merely react when an external force happens to elicit our uncontrolled emotions, we submit ourselves to forces that are ultimately beyond our control."

Josef Steiff –– Sherlock Holmes and Philosophy: The Footprints of a Gigantic Mind 

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