16 de abril de 2015

Missing your favorite soulmates?

Do you miss Max and Liz's devotion to one another? 

Do you love the reversed connection in the "Pilot" and the marriage proposal in "Graduation"? 

Are you nostalgic for that pure loving energy they shared, and ache to relive the bond between two beautiful souls?

Do you want to return to Liz's balcony for a while, to enjoy the company of your favorite characters?

I did, too! I loved watching the show and reading Melinda Metz's series of books. In both mediums, Max and Liz gave us a masterclass in true love!

So I had to write a story about them. 100% canon. This story is for Dreamers who long to shut the noisy world out and immerse themselves in that beautiful love of Max and Liz.

Banner by: behrbabe

Mark you calendars to May 14th! This fic shall be posted on Roswell Fanatics.

But, if you can't wait that long, you can take a sneak peak here.

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