13 de julho de 2015

A Partida

A Partida

Todos julgamos que seremos vivos depois de mortos.
Nosso medo da morte é o de sermos enterrados vivos.
Queremos ao pé de nós os cadáveres dos que amámos
Como se aquilo ainda fosse eles
E não o grande maillot interior que a nascença nos deu.

–– Álvaro de Campos

3 de julho de 2015

True Virtue

【And others are proud of their modicum of righteousness, and for the sake of it do violence to all things: so that the world is drowned in their unrighteousness.

Ah! how ineptly comes the word "virtue" out of their mouth! And when they say: "I am just," it always sounds like: "I am just - revenged!"

With their virtues they want to scratch out the eyes of their enemies; and they elevate themselves only that they may lower others.

And again there are those who sit in their swamp, and speak thus from among the bulrushes: "Virtue - that is to sit quietly in the swamp.

We bite no one, and go out of the way of him who would bite】

Thus Spoke Zarathustra – Friedrich Nietzsche