3 de novembro de 2013


One of the most important moments in early Roswell history was the 'human' attempt to adjust to a radical shift in status quo. You have to admit: it has to be excruciatingly difficult to adapt to something so different, in such a short time frame. Liz's life changed from one second to the next, when she got shot, and then changed again when she learned about Max's true identity. 

Ironically, it was Maria who showed the most outward signs of being totally freaked out! Well, Liz had a little more time to adjust, and more importantly, she is more reserved about her feelings than Maria.

Maria has such a need to figure all of these things out with her best friend that she finds a code name for the aliens – Czechoslovakians, which leads us to one of the saddest scenes in this episode. The fact that Alex is in the dark about this enormous turn of events, and his best friends have

to keep quiet about it.

Is omission the same as lying? I don't think it is, but it's a debatable idea. One thing is for sure: it must've hurt Alex a lot to be left out of a secret of this magnitude, or of any other kind of magnitude, maybe. Secrets among best friends are never a good thing.

Finally, there's the question of what was Michael doing at the Crashdown so early that morning? My guess, he was just looking for Max so they could go to the Sheriff's office together, but Maria's scared and slightly paranoid state didn't seem to be rubbing of on Liz just yet... Or maybe, just not as hard!

Disclaimer: Written for love, not for profit. The characters do not legally belong to me. They belong to: Melinda Metz and Laura Burns who created them, Jason Katims who developed them, 20th Century Fox Television and Regency Television who produced them and the WB and UPN who broadcasted them.
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     In the back of the Crashdown Café, Maria and Liz were getting ready to start their shift. “I mean, what do we even know about these people? Nothing. How do we know that they’re not 3 feet tall, green, and slimy?” Maria asked. “I guess we don’t,” Liz replied. “And you know what else doesn’t, like, particularly please me? These powers. How do we know they can’t just like wiggle their noses and poof us into oblivion?” “I guess we don’t,” Liz repeated. She knew her best friend was still freaked out by the revelation that Max, Michael and Isabel were not of this Earth, but she also knew that Maria had her own process for dealing with these things, and that no amount of reasoning would reassure her. “OK, you’re being like so casual about this, I want to choke you! Liz, we’re dealing with alie--” Liz clapped her hand over Maria’s mouth as one of their fellow employees walked in. “Can you please not say that word in public?” Liz whispered. Maria took a deep breath, certain that she would explode if she didn’t figure this out in her head. So, she kept on talking – in code. They moved into the restaurant. “The point is that we don’t know anything about these – ‘Czechoslovakians’. Are they good Czechoslovakians? Bad Czechoslovakians? We don’t know. They’re just random Czechoslovakians. For all we know, they don’t have their ‘passports’.” “Who’s Czechoslovakian?” Alex asked, popping up from the front booth. The girls greeted him in an awkward manner, both wondering what to tell him. Alex asked again. “So, who’s Czechoslovakian?” “The new kid at school-” “The guy at the hardware store-” Liz and Maria said, simultaneously, leaving Alex even more confused. “The new kid at school who works at the hardware store,” Liz clarified, with a nervous chuckle. “Exactly.” Maria added, in the same tone. “Oh. What about him?” “Nothing!” Both girls said, further confusing their best friend. “Fantastic!” Alex replied. He wasn’t stupid. Clearly, the girls didn’t think he should know what they had been talking about... which was odd... and a bit hurtful!... 
     Liz and Maria kept walking, but Maria stopped so suddenly, making Liz bump into her. “Czechoslovakian, 9 o'clock.” Maria said, freaking out. Michael Guerin was peering through the doors of the Crashdown Café, looking for Max. Was he watching them now, making sure they kept their traps shut about the alien business? Maria wondered. “OK, that guy creeps me out.” she whispered, going back into the employees area in the back of the diner. Liz remained where she was, wondering about Michael’s motives for showing up there alone. Surely, Maria was overreacting about his intentions; still, she couldn’t help but  worry about the look on his face. 


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