16 de abril de 2015

"Everloving" sneak peak

"Uh… yeah… I wanted to show you…" Liz walked into her bedroom, emerging shortly after with two papers in her hand. She handed him one.

"What's this?"

"Come here." Tenderly, she took his hand and guided him to the telescope. She set the coordinates that she knew by heart while he read the paper. His curiosity piqued when he saw the words 'Star Registry', 'Max', 'Liz', and a set of coordinates. "Take a look." Max looked through the telescope and was staggered by the sight: in the dark wilderness of the Cosmos, he gazed at a small region of enchanting light, with the brightest stars he had ever seen.


"Did you find them?" She smiled in anticipation.

"If you're referring to the brightest of the bunch, yes."

"It's a binary system. To the naked eye, it looks just like one big star. The first time I noticed them was when you saved my life at the Crashdown… that tiny speck of light in the infinite dark sky… It was there when you allowed me to say goodbye to my grandmother; it was there when we first kissed; it was there when we took a step back; it was there that night we went to the desert to find the orb; it was there when we jumped off the bridge; it was there when you serenaded to me…"

Her dreamy voice trailed off… Max's memories of all of those moments flashed before his eyes with the binary pair as background, and he had to smile, reliving every emotion she evoked in his heart. "You decided to register them in our name," he finished her thought, softly.

"It felt like a good investment." Liz replied in the same tone.

"Investing in eternity…!" Max chuckled.

"Yeah…" They were both lost in the majesty of that celestial sight.

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