4 de julho de 2014

The Final Ride

Four Aliens and a Baby (Season 3)
Season 3 brought some issues to a closure, like Max's search for his son. Tess was forced back to Earth, because Kivar betrayed her and was going to kill her son. After being mistreated by every human and alien hybrid alike, Tess decides to redeem herself. Opinions vary on this scene: some think that Tess did more harm than good, even when she tried to help, others think the intention matters and she did the right thing by trying to keep her son safe.

The reason I'm writing a story is because of the time she spends with Liz, before she goes off to the Base. I call it "Hell's Gate".    

Again, opinions diverge, regarding this particular scene, so I decided to settle it my way.

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"Hell's Gate" is the longest story I have ever written. This moment in the Roswell narrative was very appealing to me. Two things you didn't see every day was Liz and Tess in the same vicinity for long, and Tess being honest. Add to that the fact that Tess had no voice of her own throughout the show, and you will understand why the concept proved itself irresistible. I always felt that it was a great loss that the conversation was so short on the show (it felt that it had been truncated, somehow), and that Tess could never tell her own story. 

The subject wasn't easy to deal with (considering that I am a Dreamer) but it felt really good to finally lay many 'ghosts' to rest.

You can read it here. Or here. Or here.



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