27 de março de 2013

The Talk That Should've Been...

Everyone has their own opinion, but I think one thing that every Roswell fan agrees with is that this show was extremely complex and had a troubled existence throughout its three seasons. Each and every fan I've talked to whishes they could change certain aspects of the show, and I'm no different than any of them regarding that. Being a "Dreamer", I tend to talk and focus on specific scenes of this show (not that I don't like others, I should add).

Compelled by my need for cathartic closure, I started writing about some scenes I would like to have seen – in a way to add my own bricks, not building something from scratch – since I'm sure a lot of people have already written about all these topics.

Among "Dreamers" there is a pivotal episode that has crossed a lot of people. This one:

The End Of The World (Season 2)
Some love it (for how breathtakingly beautiful it is), some hate it (for how painful it is for our favorite couple). I love it!
But even I am forced to recognize that this episode seems to work better as a standout episode, not necessarily as a link in the season chain.

It created a nagging issue for every "Dreamer". After all that has happened in The End Of The World, the audience never saw a satisfying closure for the "Future Max problem".

The Departure (Season 2)
After all the heartache and suffering that was Season 2, Liz was supposed to tell Max the truth about everything that had happened between them. The "Future Max conversation" was in the script. But we never saw it. The audience was very upset. Ron Moore said that conversation did take place offscreen... But what good does that do to us?! We needed that cathartic moment! I wonder if they kept it out because they thought it would make things worse for Max, make him more miserable than he already was?...

I'm not in the habit of reading fan fiction, but I've been told that the "Future Max conversation" is one of the topics most written about. No wonder... Even Laura J. Burns wrote her version of the "Future Max conversation" in her book Quarantine. A very good one, I must say! I've read the cut scene from the original script, but I still think it could've been better.

So here's my take on the talk we should've seen onscreen. Or here, if you prefer.

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